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Cape Town on Foot

Cape Town on Foot

Historical Tour of Cape Town
“Secret places . . . we’ll take you there”




  • Places of interest
  • Khoisan history (indigenous people of the Cape)
  • Slave history
  • Buildings
  • Architecture
  • Statues
  • Streets
  • Works of art
  • Ruins
  • Artefacts
  • Plants and flowers
  • People
  • Cultural heritage
  • Public squares and open spaces
  • Apartheid
  • Churches
  • National monuments
  • Sites of significance
  • Memorials and more


Join us for a historical overview of Cape Town.

Learn about the indigenous Khoisan people and their lifestyle prior to colonisation.

We’ll touch on how and why the Cape of Good Hope came about. Going on to be the first Europeans to reach our shores. From the Portuguese to the first and second Dutch periods, to the first and second British periods, to the Apartheid era, and finally the New Democratic South Africa.

We’ll start the tour at Greenmarket Square, then move on to St. Georges Mall (which is like the Las Ramblas in Barcelona Spain).

You’ll get to learn and see how the naturally available rock was used in the construction of buildings and other features.

Since Cape Town was the first place in Southern Africa to be developed into a city, most of the old buildings were the first of its kind in the African Sub continent. Like the first, Government, hospital, church, police station, fire station, banks, cathedral, jail and many more other buildings.

We touch on the Flower Market and how it came about.

Visit the ruins of the oldest structure that was built by Europeans in Southern Africa.

See artefacts that were unearthed during the construction of modern buildings, and how first world influences can be seen in the architecture of structures and buildings as well.

The British influence is quite apparent in the streets, and even see where the reigning Queen Elizabeth II of England celebrated her 21st birthday.

We will learn about the Castle of Good Hope, the oldest building (still in use) in Southern Africa. Guests will get a sense of what life in the settlement of the Cape was like, almost 400 years ago.

The dark side of the Cape Colony has to be the system of slavery. And likewise, the dark side of South Africa has to be the system of apartheid.  You’ll have an opportunity to learn more about how these practices impacted the Khoisan and the mixed race people of this region. 

The influence of leaders like Nelson Mandela was able to achieve the birth of the New South Africa whereby freedom for all is possible.  As a result, the country could open up to the world and this includes welcoming millions of visitors to our beautiful city year after year.

The tour finishes back at Greenmarket Square where one can enjoy refreshments at one of the many restaurants there.

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This tour is ideal for:
School excursions
Youth groups
Clubs and organisations
Family and friends



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