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The Cape tourism industry post Covid-19 lockdown

The Cape tourism industry post Covid-19 lockdown

Make no mistake, touring and travelling will never be the same again.  The emergence of Corona and the threat of COVID-19 is the biggest game changer since 9/11, that the international traveler has had to face.

The Western Cape Province, South Africa, with the multiple award winning City of Cape Town as it’s capital, is no doubt strongly poised as it looks forward to life post the current lockdown.  As the northern hemisphere eases in to their summertime, on the whole, it will most likely be a fairly quiet one for them.  With holiday plans, tours, conferences, sporting events and travel being cancelled in Europe, Cape Town is looking like a very good alternative.

Since the successful hosting of the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup matches and related events, Cape Town has made it’s mark on the world stage as a fully capable international destination.  More and more foreign airlines are including Cape Town on their list of direct destinations to fly to.  The re-introduction of Virgin Atlantic’s service and the recent announcement of TAP Air Portugal’s schedule to the Mother City, is a show of confidence.

The new cruise ship terminal in Table Bay Docks, as well as the newly extended Cape Town International Convention Center, are proving to be worthwhile investments for the City. Work at the Cape Town International Airport is soon to commence with upgrades to it’s runways, aprons, terminals and parking facilities, which will boost the handling capacity significantly.

Tourism in the Western Cape will recover post COVID-19.

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